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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now Indians are very interested in alopathy medicine, why?

Now Indians are very interested in alopathy medicine, why?

India have a very rich culture in every field especially in herbal medical field. In ancient India, people were used the herbal treatments. But modern peoples are leading a busy life. Our life style have changed. We cant treat the traditional medicine. So that we treat the English medicine.

Validation of the traditional medicine is a very important issue to be discussed very seriously in this modern world. Due to industrialization and globalization our life style and attitudes towards health have been totally changed. Numbers of the people in favour of ayurveda medicine considerably decreasing.

Modern people fail to understand the importance of ayurveda medicines in daily life. One of the main reason of the failure is “validation”. According to many scholars ‘ validation of drugs needs resources and the resources are forthcoming only from thus who want patent and profit. We must make a distinction between research and text book medicine. Even ion the text book medicine there is nothing which contains contents the traditional medicines. Principles are not well understood. It is important that we promote principles and not practices.

People constantly look to the west for guidance and solutions. While India sits over a huge body of knowledge in medical science and ought to have been frontier of medical science, its policy makers and others are only interested in exporting its herbs and making a quick buck. Surely their will be commercialization of people knowledge which will benefit the middle classes. This treat has now increased amazingly due to globalization WTO, IMF,free trade and so on. Validation of the drugs is closed connected with commercialization. It is a driving force for validation, some scholars argue that validation of the Ayurvedic drugs is no problem. The difficulty has in the standardization of the drugs. Each manufactures prepares the same drugs in so many different ways that we are not able to standardized them. Business of validation and standardizating our traditional medicine should be met on head. To increasing our health medicines demand, we need to educate the younger generation not merely introduce them to this knowledge but also in still in them certain confidents and pride in their tradition.